The CEM college covers 2 first-class disciplines: Mechanics and Civil  Engineering. The faculty research efforts include:
    ♦   Rheology
    ♦   Damage  and fracture mechanics
    ♦   Mesomechanics
    ♦    Computational mechanics
    ♦   Engineering structure  analysis
    ♦   Soil and rock mechanics
    ♦   Civil infrastructures
    ♦    Disaster prevention and reduction
    ♦   Road and bridge  engineering
    ♦   Novel structure
    ♦   Advanced materials
    ♦    Nanotechnology
The faculty members have received support from a  wide variety of government sources at the province and state levels.  Representative government agencies include:
    ♦    National Natural Science Foundation of China
    ♦   Ministry of Education
    ♦   Ministry of Science and  Technology
    ♦   Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology
    ♦   Hunan  Provincial Department of Education
    ♦   Hunan Provincial Department of  Transportation